Information about Clan Citadel

Welcome to the Clan Citadel information pages. 

Clan Citadel is based in Norway and true to viking traditions, Clan Citadel only accepts members that is crazed enough to play half-life over the internet.

On the right side you can see the Clan logo for Half-Life multiplay, if you see this logo sprayed over your fragged player in an Half-Life deathmatch, you can be sure that it was a quality frag.

Here is a litle picture showing off how we practice snipers.. be sure it's tough being a sniper member of Clan Citadel.

Clan Citadel is affiliated with Citadel Computer Software Developers (CCSD), also based in Norway, a little know demo group that hasn't really done anything execpt hang around since the time of the C64 was hot stuff.


Clan Citadel